A Fan this time.

Proud Papa, my Big Boy, Momma and little Sister at the homecoming game.

He’s big isn’t he? Jeez they grow up so fast.

Its tradition during halftime of the homecoming football game for the 8th graders to be announced with their parents and siblings in the middle of the field.

It was a great game. We spanked the other team and then enjoyed a BBQ dinner later that evening with most of the parents. On Saturday there was a dance too for the school.

I was a fan at the game this time. The weather was cool and I got to sit in the stands and scream until my voice was gone. I got to see my boy make some great tackles in the backfield – the pats on my back from other fellow Dads made my heart swell with pride.

What a great night.

I owe it to my buddies who gave me the opportunity to relish these memories for the rest of my life.

Al took pictures for all the eight grade parents on the field. He stood out there and directed close to 100 folks on where to stand, frame the shot then took 2 pictures of each group.

Al, you are a true professional.

Fernando took over the video camera responsibilities and walked around the stands to capture the excitement of the parents/fans…and me. Thanks to Fernando, there is footage of me getting caught up in the excitement of the crowd and cheering for our team!

Thank you Fernando, the video footage you took is great and I know it will enhance my compilations.

That night meant so much to me. I love to document my kid’s games but once in a while, I like to see it from the stands without having to fuss with camera gear.

Un fuerte abrazo a mi amigos.

So no highlight reel this week. I’m just sitting back and enjoying the week.

But back to work this Friday and it looks like rain. ooooooooooooooooo – mud bowl?


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