1940 – 50″s Glamour photo shoot

FINALLY finished editing the photos from the photo shoot with my wonderful friend, Vanessa. I decided I wanted try my hand at a 40’s-50’s style of Glamour photo shoot so I asked Vanessa, who is a loving wife, mother of two and a marathon runner if she wouldn’t mind letting me photograph her as a Hollywood glamour actress/model. Van agreed.

Van came over with her sister, Alyssa, on a Sunday afternoon with the help of my buddy Mike (kept me on track with my shot list), we began shooting. Even my wife Liz got into the “swing” of things.

I took them in color but then added some black and white (and other) effects in Lightroom and some clean up in Photoshop.

But man…does my friend make an absolute gorgeous model? That’s her in all of the pictures. Her sister even brought over some short wigs and the transformation was incredible. Van and Alyssa were ready with so many outfits and Van was very patient with me on the poses and took direction very well. The last three photos in the gallery below we just were clowning around, I wanted a silhouette of her and I told her, “show me those guns!” It was fun. I’m still trying to prefect my craft but I’m happy with them.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger look.

Later on I’ll post some behind the scenes (BTS) photos of a DIY project I created to help me shoot tethered on this photo shoot.

Thanks Van, Alyssa, Mike and Liz for all of your help. And Van, I appreciate your patience with all this, especially when my Mac hard drive crashed.


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