This weekend the AVENGERS movie opens and WE HAVE TO GO SEE IT. But it was going to be hard since it will be one of the years HOT movies. So it inspired me to keep my Photoshop skills up to date.

I have purchased our tickets online (my superhero trait) and we’ll go Sunday afternoon so we can sort of beat the crowds and be blinded once we walk out of theartre in bright sunlight.

Thinking of the crowds we’d face I got inspired since I knew my family was up for the challenge. So I created a movie poster, like I had done for Star Trek awhile back.

Originally I was going to actually do a photo shoot to get the photos but then I remembered this beautiful picture of my wife I had taken in our portrait photoshoot so I started looking for more images. I found one of Emmy during her Track and Field event and I even found one of me when I was just clowning around practicing with some lighting techniques.

Joaquin was the tough one. I didn’t have many but then Liz reminded me of the photos I took of him before his sophomore year for football. As you all remembered he had to drop out due to his concussions but I thought, he looked like a “HULK” in his pads so I decided to use the photo.

I created the logo and then ASSEMBLED the team. I’m quite happy with the results.

I know, I’m such the geek.

Now to go see the movie on Sunday!


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