3D print – Power bank clip 1-24-19 – very satisfying

This is why I have this printer – Rapid prototyping. Now I can use a CAD program and begin building my own designs for my needs. 

My first attempt was to create a solution for a very primitive method of carrying around some basic necessities. I have a power hungry iPhone so I carry a power bank and a cable (or rather a key connector). Pretty straight forward but I wanted a nice clean set up. So using a free online 3D program, designed this object by combining a clip, a square shape with a hole in it. 

I then exported it to a file my 3D printer could output. After printing (20mins) I test fitted it. Too small – lots of stress on one of the points and I didn’t account for the tapered end of the “key charger” so it was too far out and way up. Back to TinkerCad to resize and modify. 30mins later, I had my first customized Power bank clip.


I know this is a small thing but I can’t tell you how satisfying I felt. I needed something unique, I designed it, then printed it. This opens up SOOOO many possibilities. 

Check out the images below to see how it looks. Click on them for a larger view. 

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