3D Printed Cold Shoe for Camera rig

Well technically I didn’t “DIY” this but I did have the idea. 😉 

I shoot lots of video with my Sony A6500 and I have a cage for it that allows me to add numerous items to help me get better audio, stabilize my shot and compose my image using a larger monitor. Because the handles I purchased won’t allow me to mount other items to them using the cold shoe on top, I had to come up with another solution for “Run n Gun” shooting. I enlisted my Hermano Jim, (since he has a 3D printer) and he was gracious enough to print some standard cold shoe adapters and with some filing, I was able to get them to fit on top of the non-standard cold shoe. 

See gallery below. Click to enlarge. 

Thanks again Jim and he even printed a bracket for an external hard drive which holds the cable nicely too. 



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