Underwater Pool Shoot – Julieanna Aug 2018

FINALLY got to shoot my underwater pool shoot with Julieanna! 

This shoot had been postponed due to scheduling conflicts, finicky weather and other unforeseen circumstances! But when I got back from Denton TX (from moving my Freshman daughter up to UNT) we shot on a Wed.

This was my first time doing something like this and I’ve learned a lot! Julieanna was a trooper, she did everything I asked and she nailed it. 

 You try swimming upside down and getting water in your nose while trying to look beautiful. 

And kudos to my boy who also helped by keeping me on track and shooting behind the scenes video in and out of the water – click on images for a larger view. Video coming soon.

I’m hoping to get better but here are some of the photos I’m proud to present. See the GALLERY below and click on the images for a larger view. 


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