Almost done…

Well, I got most of my to do lists done this weekend. The fun part was doing a “photo shoot” with my son.

As you all know, every year I create a football webpage for my son. It’s more for our families than anyone else. They need a schedule and I guess I could just scan the black and white form and email it, but then I do need to keep up with my Photoshop and web page building skills don’t I?

So I build a webpage that our families can view in case they want to attend games. I’ve been doing this for two years, 2007 and 2008.

Since my son is an 8th grader and this will be his last year at Blessed Sacrament Catholic school, I decided to go with a more “sports style theme.”

I needed my son on a black backdrop with some dramatic lighting, so I used some PVC pipe to construct a stand. My wife was kind enough to go buy me a king size black sheet and my and buddy Fernando let me borrow his video lights. I set up photo studio right in our living room.

I had my son get into his jersey and I experimented with different shooting modes. I then brought these into Photoshop and experimented with some desaturation etc.

I like the way it came out. The black hole, next to his right arm is where I’m going to add the schedule via Dreamweaver (web) application.

I hope to have this up and running by this week since football season has already begun! I’ll post again once I do that.

Thanks for letting me share…my big boy.


PS – My daughter asked me why I don’t do one for her…oh well…next on my list.

2 thoughts on “Almost done…

  1. Dude, I think you have an alternate career if you so choose! Great job on this site and the ones from the previous years. Thanks again for the video. My lousy coverage of this first game has induced Denise into “doing it myself!” So I am off the hook for now… we’ll see how long she takes the reins!

    Go Bulldogs!

  2. Hi Gil,

    Nice job on this year’s football schedule layout. Joaquin’s picture makes him look so grown up! This clears things up…he must get his good looks from his mother’s side 🙂

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