Back in the saddle again…

Well I finally got my email working again. For some reason I was not receiving “some” emails for my account. I noticed it out about a week ago when people were telling me that “I sent you an email” but I didn’t see it.

I get a lot of emails from three different accounts and just recently I began to hear my Apple Mail program “sound off” that I had a new email but it would not show up in my in box.

So I changed my preferences to instruct my email client (Apple Mail) not to pull/remove my emails from my server once my desktop email client checked it. I then logged into my email and guess what? There were some emails just sitting on my server that were not being pulled down to my desktop.

Odd…some from my sister, my nephew and then my sister-in-law. Very odd since they are in my address book. So I then turned off Junk mail filtering – started getting those wonderful VIAGRA spam emails.

Checked the online email – nope – not getting any of that – those emails stayed on the server.

Turned off the history of what my email client had “learned” about Junk mail. You know, you click “Junk mail” and the email client will remember that and delete the email? I hated doing that but oh well.

Checked the online email – nope – not getting any of that.

Ran the software update on my Mac and updated to the latest version.

Checked the online email – nope – you get it by now…

Finally, I gave up and called Apple Tech support. Nice guy named Ben tried to help me but I stumped him.

I seem to do that quite often. I call Tech support and after I give them my name, phone number (In case we are disconnected) and then my problem – I immediately outline the steps I’ve done BEFORE I called them.

It’s funny, there usually is a long pause and I can almost hear them electronically turning to page 58 of the tech support manual. 🙂

After an hour of patiently fussing with my settings and options – I mentioned that it worked fine on my MacBook…which I had hooked up and checked email while Ben was flipping through pages – he bumped me up to a very nice lady named Elizabeth.

We both finally figured out that somehow, whenever my email for was included in the body of a return email – it was getting deleted altogether.

I deleted the rule and viola! I’m back in the saddle again.


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