Bulldogs 0 – Cardinals 8

It was a defensive battle this past Friday against the Blessed Sacrament Bulldogs and the St Matthews Cardinals. Click below to see this past Friday’s game highlights.

My boy is at 1:23 seconds – watch #79 come in to the picture and pull the pile back…on himself.

It was a tough game against the St. Matthew’s Cardinals. Both teams were evenly matched but the Cardinals beat us by one touchdown.

Defense was the key. We were mere inches from a touchdown from a long pass to Chris (#5) who dragged three defenders within inches of the endzone – the Bulldogs didn’t score. The only touchdown was from the Cardinals scored from short yardage. So it was a game of inches.

I was out on the field videotaping the game and I told myself that I wouldn’t be putting up highlights of each game – but I got some good shots of our boys putt’n licks on the other team and some good running/catching.



One thought on “Bulldogs 0 – Cardinals 8

  1. Thanks for the video on the Blessed Sacrament Bulldogs. They have been a pleasure to see these last 2 weeks.

    Albert & Susie Hinojosa

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