Ambitious 3D upgrade to my Ender 3 Pro

I’ve always had issues trying to print multiple items on my Ender 3 Pro, I’d fill up the bed with multiple parts and inevitably one would fail and then break off and ruin other parts. 

I decided to upgrade my print bed to a metal one in the hopes prints would adhere by creating a super flat surface since 3D printing is about one layer printed after another. Plus – after print is done – I could flex the metal sheet and the print would pop off. 

So after installing the flex metal bed – I noticed the cables in the back kinda rubbed – which is a no-no because it could potential fray the cable on the metal edge. 

I found a chain cable guard model online but it requires:

  • 28 larger chain links
  • 19 smaller chain links
  • 1 motor case
  • 2 add’l rail clips (anchors)

So now was my venture into testing if I could fill the print bed with all of these multiple models. 

48 models (1st large batch) – 19hrs 17ms later – it printed with only 4 failures which I tried to salvage with blue painters tape. It didn’t work (they warped) so I printed the extra ones. 

Assembly was fun and they look cool! 

Thanks for letting me share. 


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