…and we’re BACK!

As if you didn’t notice, ww.BetoLab.net was down for about two days this week.

….really…it was down? I hadn’t noticed.

Ahem…my blog suddenly went down after I tried to install and activate a plug-in to show my Amazon wish list. I had the plug-in loaded a long time ago but on Monday I tried to activate. Then with a simple click of a button, BOOM – just a white blank page.

I tried what I could to figure it out and then even resorted contacting my hosting provider but got the standard, “I’m sorry, we don’t support 3rd party applications…blah…blah…blah.”


Since I was totally immersed in my Horror movie short during the early part of the week (I’ll post more about that later) I didn’t worry about it. My fans would have to wait.

..yeah right – it was killing me.

So tonight was my free night and I did some research on how to restore my blog from my backups from an automated plug-in (there’s that ugly word again) that backs up my blog on a weekly basis.


I got home and sat in front of my Mac and took some action. As always I started to over think the problem as I had in the past when my wireless network was down…oh so many, many years ago.

Don’t remember that story? Click here for a refresher.

So I sat back and logged into my hosting site’s CONTROL PANEL and searched for the offending plug-in file in my word press file directory.

You non-techie types, hang on – it gets good after this!

Techies, I apologize for the interruption in my process but well…you know…gotta keep those other folks entertained.

I found the offending file and terminated it with EXTREME PREJUDICE. Then I clicked on my blog link, closed my eyes and whispered a silent prayer…

30 seconds later a loud sigh escaped my mouth as I saw the wonderful picture of my darling little girl serving a volleyball. It was my latest post on my blog – below this one.

Elated that my blog was up, I exclaimed, “YES…OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YES!”

To which my wife quickly asked if I was okay.

I tried to explain to her what I just accomplished and in her “yes I love you, sure you fixed it” attitude, she said, “I knew you would.” Then patted me on the back and went back to cooking.


Interesting that I originally started this blog as a test site – hence the name, “beto” what some of my friends call me…and “Lab” for my experiments.

Shout out to my Brother Jim for helping me with the name.

But now the blog has taken a life of it’s own with countless posts so it kinda freaked me out that I might have destroyed it by being selfish and trying to post my wishlist…kinda like the Glee episode, “Holy Cheesus.”

Well, it’s fixed and I’m happy not to have spent numerous hours restoring my blog…so I wrote about it. 🙂


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