Busting out the G-man Fig Rig

I’d forgotten how fast pacing the action was in Basketball, especially the A teams from Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Bulldogs. I started filming today and was having trouble keeping up with them on the video tripod, I did some hand held but I think it was shakey…so I’m busting out my previous DIY Fig Rig.

It let’s me mount my camera onto it and I grip it like a steering wheel and use my body as the tripod. I added my Varizoom remote on the side so I miniminze the shakes. Plus, I can get some nice low angle shots by resting it on the floor.

But it’s gonna put a lot of stress on my arms…I predict I’ll be taking some Aleve tonight but I’m curious to test this out. Here is another photo of it on the ground I took with my iPhone.

Maybe I’ll try my shoulder rig some other time?

We’ll see how it goes…got my tripod ready for back up just in case.


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