Redd Loves Blue Music Video shoot – Behind the Scenes

Been a fun day. Got to help shoot a music video for a band called, Redd Loves Blue.

Fernando has asked Mike and I if we would help shoot a music video for a band this Saturday. We of course said, “yes.”

We arrived at the location around 10am (was chilly out there off HWY 46), not really knowing what we’d be shooting but were prepared. We used my Panasonic AG-AC130 and our Nikon DSLRs.¬†Fernando was the Director and main camera, I was lighting, technical and 2nd camera. Mike was our support and behind the scenes photographer – Mike even took some portrait photos for the band as well! I haven’t processed those yet.

We shot outside from 11:30am till about 2:30pm. I’ve posted some behind the scenes photos below – click on them for a larger view.

I’m not editing this video – that is up to Fernando, me for now, I’ve got some camera gear to clean – it was dusty out there but we got some good stuff.

Thanks for letting me share,


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