DIY MegaPhone Bang Flag

G-PVC_logo.jpgA DIY MegaPhone Bang Flag? Yup you heard it right.

At work, we’re in a contest to show our “creativity” towards COMMUNICATION using a blank megaphone.

We had a great brainstorming session on how to decorate the megaphone but then I thought¬†“What is the BANG at the end” so I suggested we have something pop out of the megaphone like those Toy Guns that when you pulled the trigger, a flag shoots out with the words, “BANG” on it.¬†Everyone thought it was a great idea and looked at me…

Great…that’s what I get for coming up with the idea..

But I rose to the challenge.

At first I though about just buying a toy gun with the flag and modifying it but that would take too long. Then I though, “I’ll buy some of those expandable tent fiber glass tent poles that expand by themselves. No…to heavy. What about those thin curtain rods that have a spring in them? Nope – too strong.

Then I remembered my love for PVC.

I got a wooden dowel, drilled a hole at one end. Fished some thin bungie cord through it and slid it into a 1/2″ of PVC. Now, how do I keep it from launching out and skewering someone? Drill some holes at the end and fish the line through there so it stops. I then anchored the PVC pipe inside the megaphone using some 1/2″ electrical conduit clamps. There was a lip on the end of the megaphone so once you slipped it in – it stayed put until you twisted the end by the mouthpiece.

It works. See gallery below. Click on the pictures for a larger view.



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