DIY Skate Dolly and Emmy’s science project

G-PVC_logo.jpgOver the weekend I began finishing up another small DIY project with PVC. It’s a skater dolly and it’s used to shoot low to the ground and AROUND objects without using a large dolly. I built it using plans I found on the web and then used it to film my daughter’s recreation of a science project on Saturday.

Now, I will admit, I should’ve busted out my video lights but I didn’t want to intimidate her while I experimented with my table dolly. So I just used the existing light from our skylight.

Bad move — to me the video is grainy but oh well…I’ll do better next time I promise. I’ve posted the video below for you to see — then the build below it.

I’m building some other dollies but for now – I like what this one can accomplish, it adds some nice movement to a very static shot.

Please excuse some of the jerkiness (is that a word?) – I used an old tripod mount that doesn’t pan well because I didn’t want to tear apart my expensive video tripod for this experiment. And some of the shakiness was from me hitting the table.

I know, I know…my kids will never be able to “just build something without proud Dad filming it. But as my wonderful wife would quote from Urban Cowboy, “Eye-Kent-Hep-It!”

And here is the build – you can click on the images for a larger view:

Oh and I can already hear all you folks out there,
“Gee I wonder where her daughter gets that experimental side from?”

Thanks for letting me share.


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