FANBOYS…a good rental for die hard Star Wars fans.

Fanboys movie posterSaw the movie Fanboys last week. I had it on my list of movies to see since I AM also a Star Wars fan.

The story premise was good. It’s about a group of friends that decide to break into Skywalker ranch and steal a copy of the next big Star Wars movie…the Phantom Menace.

It’s set back before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace came out in 1999? So I also reminisced about waiting to see the “new” set of movies that George Lucas was teasing us with back then.

Believe it or not – behind most of the crude humor there is a storyline and purpose behind the movie plot and there are plenty of cameos to spot.

It was a good rental and I had been hearing about how this movie was made then delayed so I just wanted to see it.

Aside from the cameos – there a ton of movie lines the characters repeat and there was one line I appreciated in the movie. If you were going to ride in the “van” and you wanted to ride shotgun…you yelled “Chewy!’ – think about it.

Kristn Bell Princess Leia

Plus it wasn’t too bad to see Kristen Bell in the infamous Slave Leia costume.


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