The 2009 48 hour film project

48hour3You assemble a team. You pick a genre from the approved list. You have to include a character, a line of dialog and a prop into your storyline that can only be 4-7mins long. Beginning that Friday, your team, writes, shoots, edits, scores and produces a quality movie. Oh and you only have 48 hours from beginning to end.

The final film is screened at the Alamo Drafthouse in SA along with the other entrants and it’s a blast to see your blood, sweat and tears premiere on the big screen. The winning team will go on to represent SA at Filmapalooza in Las Vegas as well as have the opportunity to screen their films at The Cannes Film Festival and win hundreds of dollars in prizes, film equipment and other prizes!

Last year was a memorable experience – I can’t stop talking or thinking about it. This year, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Fernando (our team leader) has again skillfully assembled a dream team of returning members and new blood. Roles and responsibilities have shifted but once again, we have a gifted writer, phenomenal musicians, scavengers to collect items and props, a skillful line producer to keep us on track, an extraordinary creative/illustrator, a talented lighting tech and our never compromising director Fernando  – we ready to enter this year’s contest.

These talented individuals, coupled with the powerful vision bestowed upon us from our leader will AGAIN produce extraordinary work from the team. In just four weeks our team will once again rise to the challenge. None willing to produce anything less than exceptional work…as we did last year – AND we’ll have fun doing it.

I am proud to be behind the lens and an editor with this team but I’m excited and scared at the same time. Our team will grow as film makers (yes I know FDB, you hate that term) and produce a film that entertains, evokes emotion but most importantly – something we are proud of like we did last year.

“It’s God’s will” – sorry Erica – couldn’t help myself – all you others – it’s an inside joke.

I’ll try to post as much information about the 48hr film project as time allows. The actual event begins on Friday August 14th – 7pm until Sunday August 16th – 7pm and I (like our core team) have carved out a small portion of my life to produce something amazing.

Alot of people will tell us, “Gosh it sounds like fun!”

It is but wish us luck, it’s gonna be crazy!


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