I see you…

I was finally able to use my DIY grids, wear my favorite shirt AND wear these funky glasses I had bought a while back.

This morning by buddy Mike was gonna come over and we were going to experiment with some photography grids I built a while back for my flash. I was really interested in this type of dramatic portrait photography and wanted to use it on some portraits of myself. Unfortunately, Mike was nursing a cold so Liz stepped up to the plate to help.

“You know I was a photographer before you were…you know,” She told me.

I was happy for the help. The goal was to shoot this dramatic lighting style with a concentrated blast from the flash, off camera.

Aftern an hour we got some great shots using some glasses I had picked up a while back. I even shot some pics with my Retro 3D glasses as well. AND I got to wear one of my favorite t-shirts too.

The first is the “hero shot.” Liz nailed it. ┬áThe last photo Liz told me to take off my glasses and she composed the shot – see the cross? Click on each photo for a larger view.

As I prepping these photos, I remembed the DIY Grid build from July 2011 so I posted the gallery below as well. Again, click on them for a larger view.

Now what does a grid do you ask? It basically controls the “spill” of light so it’s more concentrated. See the picture below:

I’m off this week so I’m going to have more fun.


One thought on “I see you…

  1. OK, I am thinking this is the picture of the next villain in the Batman series.

    The Mesmer. Look into his eyes and you will be come his evil minion.

    Awesome shots!

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