IKEA timer for GoPro timelapse

Finished one of my DIY projects. It’s a time-lapse “timer” for my GoPro.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with time-lapse of weather using my GoPro but I’ve seen some with a rotating view. This is where an IKEA timer comes in handy.

Awhile back, my buddy Jim, Liz and I went to the IKEA store in Austin to find these IKEA timers I had seen on the internet being used with GoPros to film timelapse of weather.

Dangerous place that IKEA store…

So, I bought two and just put them away. Since I was out on vacation this week, I decided to DIY it to make a rotating stand for my GoPro. I’ve finished it and I like the way it came out…only problem is, there are just gray clouds out today so I can’t test it out!

I’ll have to wait but in the meantime – see the gallery below for the build – click on the images for a larger view. I’ll post some video later when and if the weather clears.

Curse you Mother Nature!


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