I’m such a Geek…Batman Tumbler

During my lunch today, I went and saw the Batman Tumbler and Bat Cycle being displayed at the local Walmart.

First and formost…

Thank you John, If you hadn’t posted this on Facebook I would never had known about this awesome display.

I was all geek today. I left during my lunch hour and went to go see the Batman Tumbler and Bat Cycle being displayed at the local Walmart today. It was from 10am – 3pm then it moves to a theatre.

Wow…words just don’t describe how awesome these two vehicles are upfront. I drove up, parked my truck and took my Nikon D7000 to snap some pics of these iconic vehicles.

It was probably about 95 degrees but I didn’t care and I was not disappointed.

There was a crowd but I was able to snap some photos and boy did I feel sorry for the guy in the Batman costume. In the heat, in black…Buddy, you’ve got my repsect.

Although when I showed these pictures to my kids, Joaqiuin quickly pointed out, “Batman doesn’t smile.”

Good catch, you make me proud Papa.

The vehicles are part of a tour (snapped some photos of the transport truck) but I’m so exicted for the movie coming out on July 20, 2o12.

You can see some of the images below in the gallery – just click on the images for larger view.

Now I’ve got some fodder for a new movie poster…I hope.


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