Jim Cornell, Hero for Hire

Getting around to posting some other stuff I’d done a awhile back.

My buddy Jim and I share the same birthday…so I wanted to give him something special.

You see, Jim is somewhat of a celebrity hero in my eyes. Besides being a Super duper guy, a Macintosh user, a crack shot, he is also a Computer Forensics Examiner – think CSI. He got me started on the Macintosh platform and when I started to work at my new company (oh about 15 yrs ago) he helped me “ease back into” the PC world.

It was tough but I did it. 

A while back (2 years ago) he and his wife Tammy invited me to go with them to visit their un-developed property up in Corsicana TX. I took my Nikon D7000 and snapped a lot of pictures but one stuck out. I decided to save it and use it someday.

Well that day came on his birthday of this year.

I have always thought that what he does is just so cool and since it relates to “cyber-stuff” I thought I would present his craft in a different light. So I created a poster for him in the theme of a motivational poster.

I took this photo (on the left) and created the poster above. I presented it to him as a birthday gift in the hopes I could try and match some of the previous gifts he had given me.

And trust me…he’s still got me working to beat his gifts.

But…he was quite excited to receive the 16 x 10 B/W metallic print. And as we got to talking, he said it could be used on a business card or even a book cover?

Well, you know I just couldn’t let those ideas go…so I did some mock ups of those as well.  See them below.

I really enjoyed putting this stuff together and I’m glad he loved them.

Now onto the next project…


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