Okay – so I think my videos are a little bit better…

At least mine are NOT AS shaky. 🙂 Check out what I found at a site I visit regularly.

Chimp-Directed Chimpcam Project Will Win Every Oscar The BBC plans to premiere The Chimpcam Project, a documentary shot by actual chimpanzees, this week. Get ready for the inevitable Avatar comparisons, and check out this video preview below. Basically, some researchers encased a camera in a chimp-proof box and gave it to both wild and zoo-bred chimps. Enraptured with the viewfinder, they began tossing it around, taking pictures of whatever shiny object or unexpected movement interested their lemon-sized brains. As a side note, this is also how Michael Bay directs his movies. It probably won’t be that interesting (also like a Michael Bay movie!), especially since the majority of the footage was shot in a zoo enclosure in Edinburgh, but I’ll still probably watch it when it premieres this Wednesday. I mean, what else is going on that day, besides the Holy Grail of Tech announcement and the State of the Union? Bring on the monkey-movie! [DiscoBlog via GeekSystem – Video Courtesy Animals Don’t Think]

link: Chimp-Directed Chimpcam Project Will Win Every Oscar – Chimpcam project – Gizmodo


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