Think Different

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock – tomorrow Apple host an event that most folks are predicting will be big. It will start at noon CST. In the past Apple has announced numerous products that have changed technology.

The iMac, the iPod and of course the iPhone.

During each event, as a faithful Mac Addict, I’ve sat in front of my computer and logged in to a website that have folks at the keynote location. Armed with a laptop, camera and internet connection, these folks capture and upload, minute by minute, the events unfolding while “Holy Steve Jobs” masterfully engages the crowd during his presentation. What are my predications for tomorrow?

Three words – Star Trek LCARS. That’s my take…

But tomorrow, I’m going to do something different and completely out of character.

I’m not going to sit at my computer, eating my lunch, constantly refreshing the webpage. The site states I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. Instead, I will leave the office 30mins before the event begins to enjoy lunch with a dear and wonderful mentor/sage/friend of mine. He is one of the best bosses I’ve had the pleasure of working for and although he’s retired, we still keep in touch.

Why am I writing about this you ask? Why do you even care? I guess I’m tired of Apple fevered rumor/prediction mill. Just get it over with and let’s move on.

Besides, I’ve already received some great news at work today.

And for you folks out there that participated in a sudden collected intake of air in the form of a gasp at my post, don’t worry, I’ve not been thrown from the Apple Bandwagon…I just want to enjoy the day and smell the roses.


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