Pictures of my boy

My wife Elizabeth has been asking me to take some pictures of my son in his High School Sweater. She was not particularly happy with the school photographer so I set up my studio lights in our home and my buddy Mike came over for dinner and a photo shoot. See the pictures below.

These are basically unretouched – except for some minor zits. We tried to do the “Scholar and Athlete” bit.

I’m quite happy with the results. Now to place them on an 8 X 10 sheet so my wife can go make some prints.

In retrospect I probably should’ve hit him with a “hair light” so that his dark black hair doesn’t blend into the background.  I’m still learning this photography studio stuff but it kinda looks cool, almost like a Corporate Executive shot.

I can only hope my son takes a picture like this in about 8 years when he’s the head of some great company.

Then he can take care of his ‘ol Dad. 🙂


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