Testing slow motion on my new Panasonic AG-AC130 HD camera

Finally got around to testing out some of the functions on my new Panasonic AG-AC130 HD video camera. I purchased it a while back but never got around to shoot with it. I have to start since I’ll be filming sporting events for the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School beginning this Friday.

I wanted to test shooting in 60FPS instead the usual 30FPS. What does that mean? Basically I “over crank” the Frames Per Second by doubling it (normal is 30)  – I shoot twice as fast and twice as many frames. So when I bring it into my editing software (testing out Final Cut Pro X as well) I can slow it down by 50% and get some smooth slow motion. In the past when I slowed down 30FPS – it look choppy since the editor would drop frames.

I had Joaquin, his buddy Chase and Fernando go out front and let me shoot them at 60FPS. I like the way it came out. This helps me decide how I want to shoot some of the BSCS sporting events.

See the video below and please disregard the over-exposed video – I was concentrating more on shooting than proper exposure. It’s a little blown out. I still learning the camera – one button at a time.

Thanks for letting me share.


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