Dead cat for my camcorder…

..thought that would get your attention. And its not what you think.

When I was testing my new Panasonic AG-AC130 HD camcorder outside the other day. I noticed some wind noise. That is common if you don’t have a windscreen or “dead cat” as it’s affectionally called in the business.

I looked online and they cost about $70! Sheesh!

So…you know how I’m all about DIY stuff so I made my own. 

Liz, Emma and I went to Joann Fabrics (I figured if I went with the girls – I would minimize the strange looks) and we found some “fur.” I came home, busted out my sewing skills and created my own DIY Dead Cat windscreen.

I’m proud to say it only cost me $7! I’ll test in out on the field this Friday but I think it will do just fine minimizing the wind noise.

You can see the gallery below for pictures – some are not that great since I used my iPhone – but I DIY’d this in about 20mins.


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