The fans are asking…

…for another highlight reel.

I didn’t do one from our victory on Monday Sept 14th game and I wasn’t planning on doing one for this past Friday’s victory either…but I’m getting grief, as is my son. So I caved and put together a slightly longer reel from this past Friday.

I filmed from the stands this time with a tripod for a fan’s perspective. I hope to appease the fans with a little old school music and was experimenting with timing to the music. That’s tough, timing action to beats of music…but I’m pleased. See the clip below.

Oh…my boy at 1:28 seconds…I almost missed it. I was trying to just get a nice shot of the defensive line penetrating and I got lucky. Also, look for some cool head butts in the background at 2:47, made me laugh.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.



2 thoughts on “The fans are asking…

  1. i don’t remember our guys being that big. glad you got some cheerleaders in the shot. I got a little dizzy like blair witch project but much clearer than our VHS days back in the 8o’s.

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