Got another new piece of equipment for my new camera just the other day.

…oh…did I not mention I got a new camera?

Yep a Panasonic DVX100B. Pretty cool. But I didn’t get it for the 48 hour film project. I got so I can start filming my son’s football games and when I’m walking on the sidelines…no one should question whether I’m doing it for the school. I think I mentioned a while back in my blog that I had been shooting digital stills but now, I’m going to try and capture the action on video. Plus as some folks have put it – it’s time for me to take it to the next level on video.

So, to add to my arsenal of video equipment, I purchased a Varizoom or which is basically a remote control for my camera. I mount this little device to my tripod handle, fig rig, jib or my shoulder mount and instead of having to reach up to control the camera, I just use the smaller buttons on the Varizoom module.

I can control the zoom, focus and iris controls with just one hand. I tested it out and, Wow, it rocks. I know that I’ll be running around on the field chasing the football players and this little device is going to come in handy with my should mount.


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