Dear Agony Gag Reel and Behind the scenes photos.

Now that Dear Agony has been up for a while – I’m posting the Gag reel that I produced as well.

The Gag Reel has spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie yet – go see it here first – then come back.

Okay – you’ve been warned!

We (or rather I) had so much fun making this movie. Throughout the process, I was lucky to have numerous people help me document the process. The incredible part was that we used only one camera to film the entire short film. We didn’t use any external lights either.

I have to thank everyone in front and behind the camera. Angel, Fernando, Jim, Mike, Joel, Dan, Jody, Linnette and Elizabeth. Even my kids helped. We all pulled together, pushed through the obstacles and got this movie done.

The gallery below is just a small sampling of the photos captured by me and my friends during the various stages of the production process. They were shot in color but I converted them to BW – which I really like.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Later I will post the head gear rig my buddy Jim and I DIY’d for mounting the GoPro so my actor could wear it.

I had posted some stills from the camera but only for the cast and crew – now that the movie and BTS is up  – you can see those stills from the POV camera here as well.


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