DIY Warhammer Space Marine Bolter build

Decided to finally post this! Lots of build photos. 

As many of you know, I like working with craft (EVA) foam to build stuff. You might remember I built my daughter some Wonder Woman amour out of this stuff but decided to try and build something bigger using thicker stuff. 

Why? Because I can…

I wanted to build a gun for a Warhammer Space Marine. These are genetically enhanced soldiers much larger than Humans and I used to paint the miniatures (see here) so I thought I would try my skills on this. I bought some EVA foam square pads and began my build. My son helped me – he designed and I built it. Took me about 4 months (on an off) and I’m happy with how it came out. You can see the build gallery below (click on images for a larger view) with descriptions of what I did. I shot all of these with my iPhone so I apologize for the quality. 

Thanks for letting me share. 







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