Film Noir Dec2018

Finally finished editing images from my most recent Film Noir Photoshoot this past December. What a blast. 

I’m so lucky to have such wonderful and beautiful talent to shoot. My friend Charito and her daughter Julianna agreed to let me shoot them in this wonderful genre. I also had the help of my buddy Mike, Lauren and my Bro-n-law, Jesse. Together we created some fantastic images. I even kept some in color because they looked just so great. 

You can view the images below in the gallery. Just click on them for a larger view. 

G-MAN (aka Gilberto)

One thought on “Film Noir Dec2018

  1. Loved the smoke, telephone , red lips on b&w, brown dress on chaise -loved the chase and all backgrounds’, brick, blinds etc. just saw your WW DIY. You are soooooooooo talented !!!! I hope you are charging Big Bucks for creating the fantasy for folks!!!

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