My venture into 3D

Those of you following me on this site know that I’m a “tinkerer.” I like to build stuff for fun and out of necessity. So it seems only natural that the next step in my journey of DIY’ing is 3D printing. I wanted to document my successes and challenges so I’m gonna take you folks along with me. 

This past Christmas (2018) instead of my regular lump of coal (I have a growing bag), I was pleasantly surprised to receive a 3D printer. It’s not a big fancy one but it’s a great way for me to dip my toes into the 3D printing world. As with all technology, pricing is more affordable than you think. 

This small printer will help me because I’m always needing to “clamp or attach” stuff to my camera gear or when something breaks – I can “print it.” Even scarier – I can begin “prototyping” items for my photo/video gear as well. And, there is always that, “I wish I had this gizmo” which would make life SOOOO much better, so I’ll explore those items too. 

So take a look at the gallery below and click on the images for a larger view. I’ve created another category on my site called “3D” and I’ll start posting my prints under that category. So for now – enjoy the images. 


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