Sandbags, DIY Monitor Hood and stands for slider

Took the opportunity to clean up the garage this morning and with my son we were able to complete some tasks and able to do some DIYing on some stuff Id been putting off.

I took some pictures and posted them below for you to view.

First we started off with FINALLY getting around to filling some sandbags I had purchased. I had the sand around but just never got around to to doing. Thankfully, my son took the initiative. We took off to buy some 1 gallon ziplock bags at the dollar store and then he proceeded to measure out the sand for each bag. Then Emmy marked them with Gaffers tape with the weight of each. I like the way they look. I will use these sandbags to hold down light stands and tripods if needed.

Next, I decided to tackle another item from my DIY list. I have this 7 inch external monitor a (see it here) and although it works well indoors, when you take it outside, its tough to view. So I decided to build a monitor hood for it. My son and I measured out the coroplast that I had left over from my mini soft box (view it here) and cut the four sides. Then we took some old hose from Liz, and stretched it over the whole piece. We then used the Gaffers tape to finish up some areas since I didnt feel like sewing and finally got some elastice cord to keep it on the monitor. It was cloudy outside so we really couldnt test it but Im pleased.

One final thing, my buddy Fernando let me borrow his slider that we used for the Wendy shoot (see it here) because I wanted to film some low angle stuff. I had seen on the internet how people were using push up bars for feet. I remembered I had some under my bed so after I brushed the dust off of them, I put the slider on the bars. I think that will work. Now I just have to test it before I mount it on there.

You can see pictures of everything below – just click on a picture for a larger view.


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