3D Iron Giant Head Print

12-27-18 FUN

So, I’m gonna start titling some of the stuff I’ve been printing. I’ll be classifying them as “Fun” or “Practical.” What does that mean? I’m printing something that’s fun or there a need for it…practical. 

But enough of that – people have been asking me, “Is it expensive to print in 3D?” Surprisingly not that much – you’ve seen the spool of filament that I have (bought the cool blue one from Amazon) and they’re under $20? They have different types of filament and the one I use is called, PLA which stands for polylactic acid and it’s made from renewable resources (i. e. corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane). It’s pretty rigid but can be brittle. There are other types of filament (like ABS for injection molding) but I’d have to modify my printer to use that stuff. 

So, this is a much an art as it is a science. You have to decide if your print needs support since the printer does it’s thing in layers, it can’t just print in “open air.” Plus, do you want it to be hollow? Or do you need “Infill.”

I’m using a lot of quotes here…

So I let the software create supports and used a honey comb infill for the Iron Giant head. All of which take longer AND you have to break away the supports. Hence the mess. Still learning but I still like the way it came out. 

So there you is another print. I’ve got more stay tuned. 



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