Filmed my first football game in the rain

As most of you know, this past Friday we experienced pouring rain. I was scheduled to film the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Bulldogs play their football game that afternoon. I was worried about my camera equipment but as a former Boy Scout, I went prepared.

I’d always wanted to film a game in the rain but I did not have a rain cover for my camera. So, I made one. I found a plastic mattress cover in the garage. You know, the ones in a zipper square plastic case. A little duct tape and cardboard for support and voila! I just saved myself $100. You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

I loaded up my equipment and then made a quick stop at the dollar store on the way for some $1 rain ponchos.

It was raining pretty good on the way over but by half time, the rain had mostly stopped. I kept the rain cover on my camera since even some moisture could damage it. I was quite happy with the cover but I should have turned off the Mic since it was picking up the rain drops on my video.

Why was I in the rain filming a football game you ask? Because I volunteered to film the sports for this year’s Blessed Sacrament Sports banquet video and I wanted to see if I could do it. Plus, if these kids could be out there along with the supportive parents, then I would too.

It was fun.

Thanks for letting me share.


PS. I felt the Conan the Barbarian music was appropriate for the warriors on the field.

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