Heart attack

I was working in my garage trying to figure how to get a very unique shot for a project my buddies and I are going to be filming this weekend. You know the shot. Camera is above the bed looking down?

Well, I thought, “I can do that with my Jib! I’ll just rig some sort of 90 degree clamp on it and mount my DVX camera on it. Right?

So I walked into my garage ready to work…then realized how messy it was, I had to clean it.

Fast forward about an hour and half and I had made room to set up my Jib.

I got my Sticky Pod, the one I used to stick to a car and film (see sample film here). I got one of the extensions and a 90 degree post then mounted it on the business end of my Jib. Next I placed one of my camera mounts on it and got my camera to test it. Not too bad and pretty quick too.

I asked my wife to come over and help me test it since I didn’t want my expensive camera to come crashing down on the garage floor.

I’m glad I did.

The Jib held (ever since I had strengthened it) but the camera was pulling at it at an awkward angle. You can see the tense look on my wife’s face in one of the pictures below. Sorry for the bad quality, I was rushing my shots but I wanted to document.

As I was raising the Jib – the camera did an very scary rotation. Since it was top heavy it spun like a pendulum around to the bottom. Thank God it was mounted securely but it gave both my wife and I a heart attack.

I unhooked my camera, cradled it like a baby and kissed it lovingly before I placed it in my protective camera bag

That was enough. I decided this was not going to work so I will use my smaller (stunt) camera for the shot.

You can see a gallery of pictures below.


PS – most of you undoubtedly see “the theme” we’ll be shooting eh? I’ll post more later.

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